Make a House a Dream Home.

Kavtek is the first platform to offer collaborative digital home remodeling for professionals and their clients. Inspire your clients to transform a house into their most ideal home with the power of augmented reality.

What We Do

Connecting Your
Imagination to Reality

We’re completely transforming the home buying and selling process with mobile augmented reality platforms.

Digital Home Remodelling

Using advanced technology, our platform makes it easy to visualize home updates and improvements in real-time using your mobile device.

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Changing The Game

Not much has changed in the way homes are bought and sold – until now. We’re about to shake the real estate industry up.

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How It Works

Discover the True Potential of Any Home.

Kavtek is the first platform to offer collaborative digital home remodelling for professionals and their clients. Completely remodel any home by adding life-size 3D furniture, new flooring, beautiful paint colours, cabinetry, and other home improvement products from the world’s top retailers. It’s all simply done using a phone or tablet.

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What is Augmented Reality?

It's Magic.

Okay, it’s not technically magic. But our developers are kinda like modern day wizards.

Augmented reality allows you to add digital content on top of the real world using a mobile device. It empowers you to see the world differently by connecting your imagination to reality, letting you visualize things in 3D that aren’t really there.

90% of people can't visualize updates or improvements to a home.

When your clients struggle to see a home’s true potential, it causes a major disconnect in the home buying and selling process, often resulting in lost sales. But with the technology sitting in your mobile device, there’s no reason for this problem to exist anymore. Our platform has been developed to empower people to completely remodel their homes using augmented reality. Massive innovation is coming to the real estate industry. Don’t get left behind.


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Augmented Reality News and Updates

The latest news and updates from our team of experts working around the clock to develop the next frontier of real estate technology.

Kavtek’s augmented reality app is currently in an exclusive preview with our real estate partners.

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