Give your clients everything they need to create the home they want.

Provide your clients access to revolutionary AR home remodeling tools and exclusive discounts on home improvement products. Kavtek does all the work, and you get all the credit.

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What We Do

Completely remodel
any home with AR.

Kavtek allows you to change any combination of flooring or paint and visualize a wide-range of home improvements by adding cabinets, lighting, furniture, appliances, and more through augmented reality.

Complete Home Remodeling

Kavtek is the best way for home buyers and sellers to visualize and preview their most ideal home updates using a phone or tablet.

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Professional Features

Don’t let visualization barriers get in the way of your business. Professional members can invite their clients to use Kavtek and show the full potential of any home.

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How It Works

Place life-size, 3D home improvement products on top of the real world.

Add modern home improvement products on top of the real world using the camera on a smart phone or tablet. Choose a product then rotate it and move it into place. On-screen directions and tutorials make visualizing beautiful home updates easy with Kavtek. No headsets or extra equipment are needed.

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