Design your dream home with real products using augmented reality.

how it works

How does it work?

Design your home with real, life-size products.

Imagine if you just moved into a new house and you have to buy new furniture. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just hold up your phone to see all the different types of sofas and loveseats that fit in your space? With Kavtek, you can visualize how thousands of products look, feel, and fit in your home

The app allows you to select 3D true to scale products, place them in your space, move them around, and rotate them into your desired position. It’s a super convenient way to see exactly how new furniture, beds, appliances, kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, lighting, and more look in your home or home to be. If you find something you like, tap buy now to check out on the retailer’s website and have it delivered right to your door.

Transform your living space right before your eyes with new flooring.

Adding new floors is one of the best ways to increase the value of your property.With Kavtek, you can overlay new floors on top of your existing ones, allowing you to see which floors look best. You can even walk around on top of the floors in the app, although they won’t feel any different on your feet (yet). Choose from real hardwood, engineered hardwood, carpet, vinyl, or ceramic and natural stone tile. Every flooring option on Kavtek is 100% real and available to purchase through our retail partners.

 To try out some new floors in your space, scan your existing floors with the app, choose your desired flooring material, and tap to place them on the ground. Don’t forget to check if they compliment your paint and furniture!

Preview new paint on your walls with the tap of a button.

Did you know there’s over a thousand shades of white? In order to get a true sense of how new paint can spruce up a room, you need to see more than just a paint swatch. Kavtek provides a fast, seamless way to visualize over 1,500 real paint colours from Dulux on your walls—in real time.

All you have to do is take a photo of your room, choose your paint colour palette, and tap the wall to instantly preview new colours. The app detects the lighting and texture of the wall to give you the most accurate impression of your new paint. Narrow down your colour choices by saving a photo and sharing it with friends or family to get their opinion. Use Kavtek to find out what colour makes the room most appealing to you, and create the home you want.

Measure anything, anywhere using your phone.

Our goal is to make your home improvements easier with advanced technology, and that includes something as simple as getting the right measurements every single time. Create new measurements with Kavtek by pointing your phone and moving it to the end of an area or object. You can measure objects that are currently in your home, or anything you add in augmented reality using the app. The 3D products on Kavtek are life-size, so just point, move, and tap to see their real sizes.

how it works

Featuring 3D true to scale products from

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Homeowners & Renters

Create the home you want and share your renovation ideas with friends.


Try before you buy and see exactly how new products look, feel, and fit in your space.


Offer a unique experience to your clients and get more leads with Kavtek.


Drive more online purchases by engaging your most ideal customers.

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