July 5, 2019 kavtek

Why AR is the next big thing for pre-construction home sales

While it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of “future tech”, new technology needs to work in the present day and drive real business results. Recent innovations from Apple and Google have made visualization technology more accessible than ever before. This has given sales agents and real estate developers the perfect opportunity to push some boundaries in the pre-construction home industry with augmented reality

It can be tough deciding to use new technology if you’re not sure it will really help your business in the long run. Keep reading to find out why AR is revolutionizing the way pre-construction homes are sold:

Floor plan visualization

Many potential buyers cannot visualize what a 2D floor plan or blueprint will look like in real life. AR takes care of that problem once and for all. AR platforms help market new homes by allowing potential buyers to view a 3D model with photorealistic textures and lighting, so they can see exactly what it will look like in real life. Clients can even “go inside” to walk around the new home and view features and furniture while looking through their smartphone.

Increased customer satisfaction

Real estate developers are selling something that doesn’t exist yet. Viewing a pre-construction home in AR makes it easy for clients to imagine their new space and see what they’re buying before shovels hit the ground. Clients appreciate the fact that sales agents invest in new technology to make their experience go more smoothly, without having to visit the site in person. 

Streamline design presentations

AR allows your clients to make changes to their new or existing home in real-time. For instance, if a client doesn’t like the flooring or paint in their pre-construction condo, they can easily make changes then and there on a smartphone. Imagine the possibilities of having a client choose their features and finishes without needing a design consultation first.


Integrating your floor plans with augmented reality means that you can easily send properties to clients anywhere in the world. No one wants to make a trip out to the office for a preview that will probably only take minutes. With apps like Kavtek, sharing 3D floor plans is as easy as clicking a button. Clients will appreciate being able to shop for a new home from the comfort of their living room, and sales agents will benefit from the time saved.


Augmented reality is an extremely versatile format. 3D floor plans can be viewed on your client’s existing smartphone or tablet with no extra hardware needed. By sharing new properties across social media, email, or other marketing campaigns, it only takes one click for potential buyers to download the app and start browsing. AR also makes amazing video content for sales agents to share tours on their website or social media.

Reduce refunds

Customers know exactly what they’re getting after viewing a property in AR – you won’t have as many clients requesting changes to the design after construction has begun. Not only will augmented reality boost customer satisfaction and impress potential clients, but you’ll save time and money on rebuilding

Augmented reality could be the solution to your company’s visualization design process. Don’t wait any longer to get caught up. The future of pre-construction home marketing is here. If you would like to book a free demo with Kavtek’s AR platform or have questions about onboarding and pricing, contact us here.