Connecting Your Imagination to Reality.

We inspire people to create their most ideal homes, by empowering them to visualize any home improvement they can imagine using their smart phone or tablet.

What We Do

Solving problems within the real estate and home improvement industries using some of the world’s most advanced technology.

Artificial Intelligence

As we rely on artificial intelligence more and more in our everyday live, it’s become increasingly clear that, when leveraged properly, this technology has the power to accomplish amazing things. Whether it’s through implementing an AI chat bot, voice recognition features, or machine learning, we are dedicated to building platforms that solve problems using state-of-the-art technology.

Augmented Reality

All it takes is a glance around the room to realize that many of us have become disconnected from the everyday and more connected with our mobile devices. How can we get people looking up instead of down on their phones? By creating applications that cross over into the real world. We’re building augmented reality platforms that inspire people to look up and see the world differently, by connecting their imagination to reality.

The Sky's The Limit.

We’re a fast growing company that’s experiencing tremendous growth in the home remodelling and augmented reality industries. By partnering with innovative organizations across the globe, we’re on course to transform the real estate industry with the next frontier of home improvement technology. And we’re only just getting started.