May 7, 2018 kavtek

How Augmented Reality is Changing The Real Estate Industry

It should come as no surprise that over 90% of people struggle with visualizing home updates or improvements. When potential buyers fail to see a home’s true potential, it causes a major disconnect between agents and their clients, often resulting in lost sales and wasted time. But with new advancements in augmented reality, there’s no reason for this problem to exist anymore.

3 reasons augmented reality is about to revolutionize the real estate industry:

Customize the buying experience for each client.

It’s challenging for a prospective buyer to visualize modern updates in a house that’s stuck in the past. For real estate agents, this causes delays in the sales cycle and increases marketing costs. Using augmented reality, agents can show prospective buyers updates and improvements using their mobile device, demonstrating the true value of a home.

It will save time for both real estate agents and home buyers/sellers.

Agents know all too well about the time suck involved in showing houses. By empowering potential buyers to visualize their ideal homes using augmented reality, agents will get a better understanding of their design taste, making the home showing process easier and more consistent. Augmented reality will change the game by providing the perfect tool for agents to accurately filter out homes.

Find out exactly how to increase the value of a home.

Augmented reality is extremely useful for sellers or property investors looking to make home renovations with high ROI potential. Digital home remodelling through a mobile device makes it easy for homeowners to visualize and plan highly valuable renovations. Both real estate agents and contractors can guide sellers on how to maximize the value of their homes with assistance from augmented reality.

More than ever before, real estate professionals are embracing technology and realizing the tremendous potential it has to increase their sales. Augmented reality is the next big step for forward thinking agents.

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