December 3, 2018 kavtek

How Real Estate Agents Use AR to Sell

Top realtors know that exceeding their client’s expectations is everything. Many are using augmented reality in their sales strategy to connect with new leads on mobile, especially millennials, and provide a customizable homebuying experience for their clients. Once homebuyers experience AR for real estate, there’s no going back. Keep reading to find out how AR can help you sell.


Using augmented reality during a tour of an important listing could be the difference between closing the deal and suffering missed opportunity after missed opportunity. AR helps customize the buying experience based on each client’s unique needs.

Share AR walkthrough videos with potential buyers to show exactly how a home can be transformed to match their style with products and decor they love. Get serious buyers prepared to make an offer before they physically step foot in a home.


Take a step further into the realm of crowd-pleasing premiums and allow open house attendees to view the property in augmented reality using their smartphone. AR home design provides an amazing way to make a home more appealing and memorable to potential buyers. It’s also a great conversation starter to help break the ice with new leads.


High-quality video with AR features can help you break through social media clutter by reaching more viewers and buyers than the typical online listing post. The key to getting your content in front of qualified buyers is having an active presence and posting frequently. Consider creating a new AR walkthrough video for each of your active listings. If you make augmented reality part of your social media toolkit, you’ll quickly brand yourself as a cutting-edge professional.


What’s the one thing most people do after they move? Renovate. Giving your client’s access to AR home design with Kavtek will allow them to effortlessly preview all those new decor ideas. AR provides an innovative way for real estate agents to extend client relationships and increase referrals even after the sale is done.

Kavtek has experience helping realtors integrate AR into their sales process and customer experience strategy.

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