January 18, 2019 kavtek

How to Leverage the Amazing Business Potential of Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is quickly expanding beyond the realm of games and entertainment. Top brands are using augmented reality right now to connect with consumers in a way that previously wasn’t possible. This new technology has the potential to skyrocket engagement and conversions for both online and brick-and-mortar retailers. Failure to recognize these new opportunities can be the difference that allows one competitor to leap over another and claim a massive chunk of a changing marketplace. Here’s why we think augmented reality will revolutionize the world of ecommerce.

Bring the showroom to consumers.

AR provides an immersive shopping experience that empowers customers to explore every inch, every physical feature, and every angle of a product— an area where traditional product photography falls short in ecommerce. Buying home improvement products, like furniture,  online was a gamble for consumers – until now.

Engage potential customers at the perfect time.

Smart brands are recognizing that AR has the potential be a true marketing game changer. Augmented reality has the power to instantly accelerate purchase decisions by bringing products right into the homes of consumers. It provides everything consumers need to make an informed purchase by giving a true sense of the size, scale, and intricacies that make a product unique.

Customize the buying experience.

Modern-day consumers expect instant gratification from their ideas. AR provides a customizable buying experience, allowing consumers to interact with their favourite products, and visualize exactly how they would look in their space. Imagine the delight and wonder when they use AR to easily find the perfect paint colour that matches the furniture in their living room.

Make shopping easier and more convenient.

Over 90% of people cannot visualize changes to a home beyond what they see. With AR, all consumers need is a smartphone to visualize a big change. Forget using colour and material samples, AR can add a new sofa to a living room or flooring in a kitchen with only a few taps on a smartphone. AR helps take the guesswork out of large and/or expensive purchases, without having to go anywhere.

Adopting AR now provides an excellent edge over competitors, for home improvement retailers in particular. It’s a choice that can help a company establish an advantage, rather than playing catch up later.

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