Augmented Reality

for Real Estate Professionals


Imagine if you could instantly transform any space to meet your client’s needs. An older home could be a sleek and modern show stopper. A bachelor pad could be the perfect condo for new parents.

With Kavtek, these experiences are not only possible, they’re here. Augmented reality is the best way to help your clients see the full potential in every home and visualize home updates.

Welcome to Kavtek, the next generation of real estate and home improvement technology.


Features for professional members:

Unlimited AR home remodeling

Transform any living space to meet your client’s needs with revolutionary AR home remodeling features.

Invite your clients

Take your services to the next level by inviting your clients to use the app for free, allowing them to visualize home updates on their own devices.

Custom branding

It’s all about you. Customize the app with your own branding, business info, and contact information.

Don’t let visualization barriers get in the way of your business.

 Show your clients the full potential of any home. Kavtek is the best way for home buyers and sellers to visualize and preview their most ideal home updates using a phone or tablet.

Your clients will thank you.

Professional members can add their clients to the app, allowing them to use AR home remodeling on their own devices. Collaborate together on renovation ideas and help your clients make a house their dream home.

Your branding. Our technology.

Build a relationship with your clients by adding them onto your own custom branded home remodeling app. With a professional account, you can customize the app with your branding and contact info.

In addition to home remodeling, your clients will get exclusive discounts and direct access to the products featured on Kavtek.

We’ve partnered with some of the world’s top home improvement retailers to offer a massive selection of modern, beautiful products for your clients to choose from.

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